Strengthen your boundaries and save your time.

Stop letting temporary discomfort, keep you in permanently unhealthy situations

Jazmin Martinez

Someone else’s comfort is not worth my peace, I am the observer of my life, and it is my responsibility to make sure what I’m experiencing on a daily basis is enjoyable! As I get older, I realize how important it is to have immediate decrement and swiftness to exit a situation, in order to save my time and maximize my life experience. When my boundaries are continuously being ignored and I’m not being respected, I don’t care what comforts that relationship brings to my life, I don’t care what that person will feel when I leave, I don’t don’t care what that person has gone through to make them think, behaving this way is an acceptable standard ( Let the people you respect tell you about your need for therapy and a attitude adjustment). The only thing I can control and change is me, and that’s hard enough in itself, so I don’t romanticize the thought of changing other people. Which is why it’s in my best interest to leave any situation that proves to be detrimental to my peace and happiness, as soon as I sense a problem. Being a mother has really inspired me to grow stronger, when it comes to reinforcing my boundaries, the title has encouraged me to have slim to no tolerance when it comes to people being disrespectful, and not respecting my standard of treatment. It is important for me to set a great example for my child, no matter the relation of the person, of what a health relationship looks like,I want her to know you are the determining factor, when it comes to what you allow to fly in your life, and how you allow people to treat you. This task is not always comfortable or easy, but it is by far always worth it. Your peace and your happiness is in your hands.


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