Often times life will throw you a bunch of problems at one time, and after it sees you’ve had enough and your spirit is tired, the issues may slow down, but the fight will resume after you’ve decided to get back up. I believe this is because life is a game of resilience, it wants to test the strength of your foundation, like the wind test roots of a tree. Are your values and core benefits strong enough to keep you going when all the shit hits the fan, will you give into the pressure, will you break at inconvenience, how far will you travel, how much will you fight? Lately I’ve been thinking about the word tenacity; how much persistence and resilience do I have, and is it the same across the board for every problem?

My answer is no, this is an area of my life I’m still working on consistently, I’m learning to have decrement when it comes to problems, which ones are worth my energy and which ones are worth going the extra 100 miles for. I’m mastering how to keep myself motivated in the illusion of chaos, I say illusion because I remind myself that I possess calmness inside of me at all times. I find that if I monitor my mental conversation, and really focus on each thought that pops into head and concentrate on directing the narrative, it is much easier for me to tame my stress and approach each task with more of a leveled solution based mind set; for a much longer period of time before reaching a point of frustration.

Anyway concluding this, I just want to say resilience is paramount to thriving in life. The issues don’t stop and the more you crave, the more walls you hit. I just want to encourage you and I, that we aren’t going through this alone, it comes with everyone’s subscription to life. Lets strive for resilience together, and build the community we need to keep it, a community that sprinkles encouragement over us when they see we need it and vise veras.

stay strong – stay resilient

Three things to remember for resilience

  • Understand suffering is part of living
  • Tune into the positive and the good
  • Ask yourself, Is the way I’m thinking helping or harming me?

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