Take smaller steps and trust yourself again .

A lot of times we stop trusting ourselves because we commit to a plethora of things and we don’t follow through with them, and in the process of all these failed attempts at implementing new habits we began to distrust ourselves. But the key to building our sense of reliability and trust within ourselves is taking bite-size pieces of the commitments we want, So we don’t overwhelm ourselves or put too many things on our plate. Trying to start too many things at one time is unrealistic and puts too much pressure on our self control. In order to commit to new habits and healthy practices we have to implement them one at a time, and in small bits consistently. For example if I want to finish a book, I have to commit to reading 1 to 2 pages a day; if you want to work out commit to putting on your gym clothes everyday.

We have good intentions with wanting to change everything at one time to be the best we can be, but that is not realistic in the long run and often times, well most times, it leaves us in disappointment. This year I’m really working on trusting myself and staying committed to things that I want to implement into my life. I have to be realistic with myself and know that I can only implement one habit at a time and when that habit has become consistent and I can do it unconsciously then I can work on implementing the next habit. That is progressive habit stacking; trying to habit stack too many things at one time will always fail unless coupled with Extreme measurements and a team. A great book I recommend to help you with habits and how to stick to them is called Atomic habits by James Clear.

Here’s a link for easy access to purchase the book atomic habits.


Good luck with everything you want it’s totally possible just keep that burning desire, create a plan and stick to it.


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