Effective communication

So many things can be avoided if we all took the time to effectively communicate. I believe just taking the time to pause, on whatever it is that we want, to make sure that all parties involved are under the same impression and on the same page is such a key action to reduce confrontation, confusion and long term anxiety.

I realized I can lack communication when I’m in a rush or I’m stressed out or I think more communication can bring me anxiety. I tend to bypass the thorough communication needed for the situation, to hurry up and get my end result. That can often cause delayed Anxiety, confusion, anger, stress, and distrust to all parties involved.

With maturity comes more willingness to face uncomfortable situations head on and cut your losses by being direct and thorough from the start. It’s also important for us to take a step back and make sure that our lack of communication isn’t driven by trying to be manipulative or controlling. Trust the process and live by the phrase “what is for you won’t pass you by”, there is no need to get over on someone else to get what you want, because what you deserve always find you. So slow down, take your time and think before you act. (About everyone involved and not just yourself, we all deserve thorough communication). Xoxo- Jazmin

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