3 steps to maximize your productivity without going to bed exhausted

For me time management is consistently something I’m trying to improve upon, it’s something that can always be done better or more efficiently, I’m diligently putting in effort to ensure that my life is a well-oiled functional; successful; but also, peaceful organism. As a homemaker, mother, wife and aspiring funded hobbyist, it benefits in countless ways to know the best and most effective ways, to get countless of things done.

1. Something I’ve found very helpful within my journey to impeccable time management is starting the list earlier. If there’s twenty things to get done, we’ll find much more peace and satisfaction in waking up before the family to start chipping away at the list of things we want to get done. When it comes to the land of motherhood, we all know once the kids wake up, we’re on go, and fitting in things becomes ten times harder with little ones hanging on to your legs, and demanding your attention. Going to bed earlier to wake up sooner is a must and has been so helpful. If you’re anything like me you’re a night owl, but I wouldn’t say that’s the most beneficial quality, when you have kids and a family you’re tending to.

We need all of our recover time and that means a good quality nights rest, so our brain, body and spirit can be at its best, to handle all the curve balls we’re bound to get throughout the day.

2. After I made it a habit to wake up earlier and start attacking that to-do list, I make sure self-care is one of my top priorities when I start my morning routine. Alot of our days are allotted to things and loved ones outside of ourselves, so it’s important to make sure when we wake up, we do a FEW things for ourselves first, wither that be, meditating, yoga, a skin care routine, cardio or Barre, just make sure we fit something in that we enjoy at the top of our day. So we have the gratification that we haven’t neglected ourselves even with our never-ending list of things to do.

3. Lastly in our journey to greatness, I have to say time blocking is a big must! I find if I get a cute calendar, preferably a bullet journal or a happy planner that’s inspiring, in combination with using my phone alarms, I’m really good about allotting a certain amount of time for each task or activity, sticking to that time frame and moving on to the next thing on the list.

This method is really helpful, but I have to say it was very hard for me to adjust to it at first. I love finishing a task to completion, so when I had to stop midway through and pivot to something else, it caused me a lot of anxiety and discomfort, but I was able to push through that discomfort and utilize this amazing method so that I could become more productive.

Time blocking allows you to work on multiple projects throughout the day, and finish two or three times the projects over a shorter number of days, without that frantic nagging anxiety in the back of your mind to hurry up and get to the next thing. It allows you to be present in the moment, while having a much calmer day and seamlessly move throughout projects at a glance, instead of trying to remember a ton of things and exercise Pacience. I would highly recommend trying this method for at least a month or two, to really get a feel for it.

Here’s a link to a video on time blocking if you’d like more information.

These tips and methods have allowed me to bring a lot more peace, organization and productivity into my life and I hope they do the same for you, make sure you leave a comment about your favorite time management hack or tip to add to the knowledge or just leave a heart if you found this post helpful! Thank you for stopping by!

I want to leave you with this quote

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Maya Angelou

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