Be mindful of your energy.

Talking to my friends about my life is normal, but sometimes I have to stop and ask myself, is what I’m about to tell this person I care about the best thing for their energy.

Am I transferring negative energy to this person by sharing a hardship or gossip or problems they can’t possibly help solve? Am I bringing down their vibrant energy by aimlessly chatting and venting? I’ve recently been challenging myself to ask people before even starting the conversation, “do they even have the capacity to listen to something negative” and then I ask myself is it worth reliving the negative situation by sharing this story, what am I getting by sharing this energy, who’s benefiting from this.

These questions before starting a conversation, are super helpful in being more mindful of my energy and the energy people receive when their around me, of course it’s important to vent and share, but it’s important to do it with intention, everything isn’t for everybody, everything bad doesn’t have to be shared and repeated, you can honestly experience that irritation or maddness, transmute it, and dead that shit, you don’t have to share it. The world is chaotic and it’s important to be mindful of our energy so we can be a peace point for ourselves and the love ones in our life, healing is paramount to making this happen.

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