About DarkRoastMag

I started Dark Roast Magazine in 2015 during esthetician school because I love magazines and I thought a skin care mag with black skin in the forefront of its content would be so fun.

Fast forward 7 years, I still love skincare, but my life has transformed tremendously. I’ve moved out of my hometown and relocated to Georgia, I’ve earned the title of mom now, I’m in a healthy committed relationship, I’m navigating motherhood and my sense of self in the middle of a global pandemic. Pregnancy, motherhood, relationships, and health are already challenging on any regular day but during it amid a three-year (and counting) pandemic is just… it’s something best gone through with a tribe and strong support system.

Thus, guiding me into my inspiration to revamp Dark Roast Magazine to be a place where connection, resources, positivity, and community happens (and great skincare tips). We need a place to take five and just enjoy ourselves; without feeling the need to compare and criticize everything in our lives.

This is a place where everything is here to pour into you and help you blossom into your best self organically.