Herbs and remedies

My family and I are most important to me, so having remedies on hand, making sure I know what herbs do what, and what vitamins we need on a daily is information that is very important to me. I want all of us in supreme health so we can feel our best, health isn’t really explained and taught in school in detail so I think it’s really important to teach health and remedies at home so everyone can have a solid foundation on what it is and how to achieve it.

In reality, Allopathic medicine should be called as alternative medicine. As Ayurveda is more holistic, proven, time tested, fewer side effects, and older than the allopathy.

Amit Ray/ Yoga the science of well being

It’s in our best interest to adhere to the laws of our body.

As long as we reside in our physical bodies, we are bound to its laws. Health is not an option if we have any desire to live a long and pleasant life, empty stomachs must not be filled with whatever’s nearest. what we put in our bodies must be intentional at every meal, slacking off with health unquestionably leads to suffering, whether it be now or later, no matter how unaffected and invincible we think we are.

Need to soothe your summer bug bites or make a natural mosquito repellent? We got you!

• Mosquitoes are attracted to higher body temperatures and sweat, so make sure to have you a nice cold glass of water by to keep your body temperature down, and make sure to continuously wash off any sweat on your body.

• If you don’t mind the smell rubbing Apple cider vinegar on your skin helps repel a lot of insects, but also as an alternative if you consume enough, your natural body odor will do the trick!

• Some other things that repel mosquitoes are lemon eucalyptus, garlic (rub the juice on your skin or take a garlic tablet)

The mosquitoes already got you and now you need itch relief?

• White vinegar in its full strength is a great remedy to apply to the bite to relieve itching, but don’t use it if the bite is raw.

• Icing the area helps to relieve itching and reduce swelling.

• Meat tenderizer or lemon juice works wonders and also a mashed garlic paste relieves itching from bug bites as well.

• A baking soda and water paste works great, and lastly oatmeal can also provide a great itch relief as well.

• We hope these natural remedies and repellents help you fight back against these bugs year round and for generations to come! Enjoy