Joy is an act of resistance

Toi Derricotte

First off we’re doing amazing! Second we need to give ourselves even more praise, self care and alone time; and Third WE NEED TO START LISTENING TO OUR BODIES!

So much of the stress we go through on a daily basis is because we didn’t want to listen to our bodies silent call for attention. We ignored our intuition and chose to push through for the betterment of the team, which came at the cost of us now having a depleted cup.

Going forward there will be no more empty depleted cup, as soon as we realize our cup is halfway gone, we will now jump in action to bring it back to full. This is paramount for us to stay energized for many reasons, but also for us to keep the resilience to chase joy. When this task is implemented it becomes easier to move in love and have the mental space to give our all. A lot of burnouts comes from trying to do too much in combination with having having poor time management skills. Now burnout does not mean, you are not phenomenal at what you’re doing, it just means you aren’t prioritizing your self and you’re letting your to do list determine your worth. But honey you are worthy with or without a to do list.

We are the queen of this Castle, we run this shit, so lets make setting an example of health, self care and firm bounders a regular sight to see. Whether its everybody has an activity on the same day, so you can be left alone, everybody goes to bed earlier, we hire a housekeeper, we have family face mask and quiet time, whatever it is, things are going to get put into place today so that mommy is prioritized first this day fourth. It is our responsibility to prioritize ourselves, no matter how much love we give to our family and friends they are not responsible for our happiness, our joy, or our self care; we are!! So honey today, no matter how low or high we may be, today is the day we take control!

(Disclaimer: Practicing healthy boundaries, consistent self care and prioritizing yourself does not prevent weariness, depression, irritation, sadness, anger and other emotions, as a whole human you are going to experience those things regardless. A lot of times life is a bitch, it's hard, it pushes you past all comfort, and you  get tired of fighting back all the time. During those times give yourself grace, no one is perfect, just try to remember the lows make the highs much sweeter.)